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Hack #1

Replenishing electrolyte and antioxidant drink mix. Discovery pack contains Himalayan Lime + Berry Pomegranate.

Dhs. 185.00

A plant-based, sugar-free electrolyte and antioxidant drink mix with all 6 essential electrolytes and 100% natural ingredients. It’s a completely clean, artificial-free formula that hydrates 4X more effectively than water alone. Naturally sweetened with zero-calorie monk fruit and plant extracts, which means no aftertaste, no sugar crash, and no harm to your gut health.

  • Enhanced with 100% of your daily Vitamin C and chromium picolinate for immune system support
  • Zero artificial ingredients
  • 4X more electrolytes than leading sports drinks

The Discovery Pack includes 2 full-size boxes (one of each flavor):

(1) Himalayan Lime - 20 servings

(1) Berry Pomegranate - 20 servings

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